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Pickleball Ladder League

  1. Pickleball Ladder League: This leagues offer a dynamic ranking system for our pickleball community.

  2. Ladder Structure: Participants are placed on a ladder based on skill level, with the goal of climbing higher.

  3. Benefits: Ladder play fosters skill development, social interaction, flexible scheduling, and ongoing competition.

Join the Pickleball Lab ladder league for fun, camaraderie, and skill enhancement! 🏓🥒🎾


Get in touch if you need more information about our upcoming activities.

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Ladder Ranking

Coming update coming 4/20/2024

This is where you will find your Ranking within the league. Look for your last name and the number!

Pickleball Ladder league Schedule 4/21/2024

Pickleball Ladder league Schedule 4/7/2024


Pickleball Lab Ladder League

Hello Pickleball Lab community,

                Beginning on March 3rd we are beginning a new type of league, called a Ladder League. If you are unfamiliar with a Ladder League, it is a League that has a ranking system. Not the standard ranking system for example 4.0 or 3.5 or even the DUPR system. Instead, it is a more relative system to our community. You will be given a rank based on where you fall within the community. For example, if you are the best, you will be rank 1, if you are the second best you will be rank 2 and so on. Now the structure of our system will be changing from playing with the same 8 people every week for the duration of the league to playing with people who are closer to your skill level.

If you are interested in joining email Josh Leber at He is in charge of signing you up. When you email him to sign up, please include the following information. 

  1. The League days are listed below, Let Josh know what days and times work for you to play.  

Sunday League times:

11am - 1pm

4pm -6pm

Monday League times:

11am - 1pm

6pm - 8pm

Wednesday League times:

11am - 1pm

Thursday League times:

6pm - 8pm

Additional League Details!


12 weeks of league! That means this goes until the week of May 19th. The League will be $190 per person. ($180 league fee and a $10 ball fee. Balls will be included.)

The Changes:

As you play and win or lose, you’re ranking will change. There are three main goals of instituting these changes.

  1. To bring more competition into the leagues, and expand the people you play with.

  2. To have games with players whose skill levels are similar. (This will make every game feel close.)

  3. This setup will provide additional flexibility to everyone. The way the league will be run is with a Scheduling system. If you need a week off, you let Josh know and he doesn’t schedule you. Simple as that, no more trying to find a sub and hoping that they show up.

Now, to have this kind of system we will be scheduling matches one week in advance. To accommodate this, you will have provided your availability the league. Remember you can take time off, but your spot on the ranking is not necessarily safe, by safe I mean you can earn points while you aren’t playing, so if someone else earns points with you are on vacation, they could take your spot. (requests off are required before the Wednesday before the next week). That being said there will no longer be a specific League for advanced, intermediate, or beginner. Instead, the times that each of those leagues were happening will be open league times as soon above, each player in the league will get at least 1 round per-week unless they request to be off. The more availability you have the better the game quality will be.

League times are the following. These days are subject to changes based on club needs.

This is a member only event at this time, so thank you for your being a member of the Pickleball Lab. We hope to see you on the court.

If you have any questions, please let Josh know.

Phone: 920-889-8510

Also visit the website Home | Pickleball Club ( for more details on the league beginning 2/25/2024.

Pickleball Lab

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